Kindle direct – 2018


 Healing River is my first published novel and the first book in my Adirondack Trilogy. This story of healing, faith, doubt and hope was a Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalist for 2012 . This NEW EDITION was published in 2018.


Here is a brief excerpt:

“It all began innocently with a dying man grasping at faith, hoping to steady himself for whatever came after death. What happened next was beyond anyone’s imagination.   

“At the age of fifty-seven, Luther was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given only a few months to live. Family members say he took the news as though it was a message he had been expecting for a long time, the inevitable outcome of a hard life. He never talked about his years away from Jericho Falls, leaving everything open to speculation. Apparently, he had lived a mostly solitary life. His hands were calloused and his shoulders slightly bent as if from years of hard labor. He smoked a little, drank a little, smiled sparingly and spoke even less. From all indications, Luther had never been a churchgoer. Still, it was understandable that, facing such a bleak prognosis, he might begin to ponder his life and his rapidly approaching death. Perhaps it was too late to make amends for the life he had led but maybe it was not too late to seek God’s mercy.”

Healing River invites the reader to think about what it truly means to be healed.  Healed, not only from illness but also from the many forms brokenness takes in this life.  To help readers consider healing in their own lives, Healing River includes a brief discussion guide in the back with questions and bible readings to help you go deeper.