One Day More

Kindle Direct – 2019


“One day more…”

Three words intoned by a mysterious voice.

Three words  heard by nine people in a hospital emergency room where a young man’s life hangs in the balance.

They all hear it.

They all question what it means.

They all wonder. “Is it speaking to me?”

And, one by one, they are all changed…

“One day more”– if you heard it, what would you do?


Here is an excerpt

“Memorial, this is Paramedic Unit 12, inbound with a 27-year-old male, unresponsive following cardiac arrest. ETA 4 minutes.”

“And we’re off,” Rosa said to no one in particular. “TJ – would you be sure the hallway is clear to Treatment A?”

TJ had already pushed two chairs aside and grabbed a bulging bag of trash from the room. He knew the drill, after twenty-two years. Whatever rolled through the door, they would be prepared. He stood back and watched the ER staff go into action. By the time the ambulance arrived, equipment and staff were ready and waiting.

Two nurses and an orderly met the ambulance as Tina Wong and two other paramedics rolled the gurney into the ER. TJ started to walk away but stopped when he heard a well-known name.

“Patient is Mr. Rollins, DeShawn Rollins, age 27. Professional athlete collapsed at the Green Street Gym, about 20 minutes ago,” Tina said.