Relative Proof

KDP 2023

What could possible go wrong with a simple DNA test?


A simple DNA test–his daughter’s gift for his 50th birthday–leads Harrison Harper down a rabbit hole of epic proportions. Cold case criminal charges, shocking family history revelations and a child he never knew he had–who would have thought so much trouble could come from an innocent search for your family roots?


Here’s a brief excerpt:


Amy said, “I thought for your fiftieth birthday, it might be time to look at where you came from. I sent off a DNA sample and then had a genealogist put together a report on the results and do a family tree.”

He smiled but said nothing.

“Dad? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, no, Sweetheart. This is so thoughtful. I’m surprised, is all, and maybe a little nervous. I don’t know much about my family. Partly because I was adopted, but mostly because no one ever talked about it, and I was afraid to ask. My Mom would always change the subject whenever anyone mentioned family history. Now, here it is.”

“Dad, if you don’t want to know—”

“Don’t be silly. I’ve always wanted to know. I can’t wait to read it.”

“There’s more, Dad. The woman who did the report is coming over to the house tonight to meet with you. She’ll explain what she found and answer any questions you have. It’s all part of the package.”

Harry smiled and said, “Here comes our lunch. Let’s look at this together when we get home. Thank you, Amy, for such a thoughtful gift.”

He set the album aside, but he passed the rest of their lunch wondering what the report would reveal. He should have told her a long time ago, but the timing never seemed right. Now he couldn’t help but wonder if the report had uncovered his secret. He had hidden the truth for so many years hoping no one would ever find out.

In the back of his mind a nagging voice whispered, “You can’t hide it forever. Dirty little secrets always come out. It’s just a matter of time.”