If I Should Rise

KDP 2022


Incurable Illness

Blind Bigotry

Anarchist Assassins


Life in the Adirondack Mountains of 1901 is not easy for Noahjohn Russell. The woman he loves suffers from consumption. His closest friends, the son of a slave and a native Akwesasne family are targeted by a corrupt and bigoted lawman. And now, the family of Vice President Theodore Roosevelt depend on him to protect them from assassins. 

It’s more than any one man can do. Noahjohn’s only hope is to rely on hist friends just as they rely on him.


Here’s a brief excerpt:

The men whispered among themselves. The one with the shotgun glanced at Russell twice. Between glances, Russell moved a step closer to the Savage.

The leader said, “Would you be so kind as to allow us to fill our flasks from the water in the cottage?”

“Sorry, I turned off the water and drained the pipes an hour ago. It’s a little late in the day to start up the mountain. I’d invite you to sleep in the lean-to tonight, but you don’t seem to have camping gear. You boys might want to go back and get a fresh start in the morning.”

“We need to find our friends. Which way is shortest to the top?”

Russell pointed and said, “The trail picks up over there, but like I said, it’s late in the day.”

“We’ll go anyway,” the leader said.

“Suit yourself. The trail is well marked. It’s easy going for the first couple of miles, then you’ll start to climb.”

The men moved on up the trail. Russell noticed they were wearing street shoes and city clothes. After a quick word with Levitt, he hoisted his rifle and followed them into the woods. He couldn’t see them, but he could hear them noisily stumbling through the underbrush. A mile or so later, satisfied that they had not turned back, he returned to the cottage.

Levitt stood waiting by the door, his own rifle in hand.

“They gone?”

“Yes,” Russell said. “I sent them on the old fire trail. I doubt they will figure it out before nightfall. Still, we should be ready in case they return.

“Did Mrs. Roosevelt see them?”

The door opened wider, and Edith said, “Yes, I saw them, and I heard them, too. Eastern European, I think, just like that terrible man that shot President McKinley.”