On the edge of forever

kindle direct – 2019


“Writing poetry and songs stirred my creativity long before I wrote my first novel. I love the language, imagery, and rhythm of verse as they offer new ways to capture and describe the experiences of life.

This collection spans several decades and each piece was selected because it is significant to me.  I think of my poetry as “word-pictures” creating a visual image with language. Song writing, however, adds a musical dimension to those images. My only regret about this collection is that the song lyrics stand without the music I composed for each of them. Still, I am proud to share this collection with you.”

Here is an excerpt

‘Til I Die

I don’t know where I belong.

I’ve been searching for so long,

just trying to find my way back home to you.

In the quiet of my days

I recall my foolish ways

when we were together I never dared,

never dared to show you just how much I cared.

But if I could be with you

this time I’d show you all the love I held inside.

If I could be with you, I would love you ’til I die.