Waiting For the Light

Kindle direct 2020


Waiting for the Light is a four-session group or individual study for the season of Advent. Each session include scripture, reflection, discussion questions and prayer. A bonus Christmas session is also included.


Here is an excerpt

While Advent leads us to the celebration of Christmas, this season of waiting is as much about anticipating Christ’s second coming as it is looking forward to the Nativity. In the four weeks of Advent, we hold in the tension of time both the coming of Christ 2000 years ago and his pending return.

We hear the words of the prophets speaking of darkness and light. We hear them warn of God tearing open the heavens. The Gospels tell of the coming incarnation, but they also tell us to repent for the orchard will be pruned and the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Visions, prophecies, and warnings all couched within the good news of the promises of God. We are called to reexamine our lives while, at the same time, we turn our hearts toward God’s divine appearance.

In response to all this, we will light Advent Candles to mark our progress and recall memories of Advents past. With God’s help, we will remember where our journey will take us next, and we will follow faithfully, for the promise is great.

At times, we will glimpse the glory of God’s coming. At other times, our Advent journey will be shrouded in shadows leaving us unable to see what lies ahead.

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